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International Training
Intensive 2-day training in House of Music Antwerp
Are you a passionate musician and music teacher? 
Would you like to make your music classes more creativite and playful for young kids? 
Expand your studio, expand your musical educational knowledge and grow!

If you have completed ourMasterMusician BasicTraining (online in Dutch or English), 
you can participate in our International Training for the finishing touch.

This International Training is for musicians who know the basics 
& want to go further developing skills & insight.

Every International Training is tailored to the participating group of MasterMusicians.
We organise this twice a year and your will grow
Artisticaly, Educationaly and Personally.

Working on these three domains, gives you a fullfilment as 
an artist, an educator and as a human being!
Verdiepende TRAINING with MasterMusicians worldwide

Deze training wordt in het Nederlands of Engels afhankelijk van de deelnemers.

We raden aan om deel te nemen aan de internationale training na het voltooien van de Basis Training.
Dit is een Teacher Training op het hoogste CREATIEVE & EDUCATIEVE niveau.

Tijdens deze training zal je uitgedaagd en aangemoedigd worden om je vaardigheden als MeesterMusicus 
te verdiepen en tot jouw BESTE ZELF te ontplooien. 

Winter: Friday 6 & Saturday 7 January 2023 - International Training
Summer: Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 August 2023 - International Training

When you have done the Basic Training + International Training 
you are also welcome on our Specialized Trainings:
26 & 27 August 2023

This training will BOOST your musical career and inspire you lifelong! 

You can stay longer to experience a music camp with different levels 
and collaborate with Professional MasterMusicians from Belgium. 
House of Music Antwerpen, Boomsesteenweg 325, 2020 Antwerpen. 
TRAIN: 15' walking from Train Station Antwerpen Zuid, 
TRAM: tram 2 & 6 stop= "Olympiade"
AUTO: gps "Jan Ligthartplein, 2020 Antwerpen"
497€/ FULL International Training
- two full training days
- 2 lunches 
- diner first evening
- drinks during the training & last evening
Overnight in Antwerp
There are (sometimes) studio's/ student rooms above HoM 
with private bathroom and shared kitchen.

The closest hotel is Crown Plaza Hotel 
(1,2km distance of HoM, from 97€/ night)
10, Gerard Le Grellelaan, 2020 Antwerpen. 

Herbekijk hier het Webinar Children are Composers 
voor Musici in het Nederlands.

Start NU met je online Basis Training zodat je 
weldra kan meedoen met de international training!

Hanne Deneire, Impact Composer

Hanne is founder of House of Music & Children are Composers

Lenneke Nijst, MasterMusician from Belgium

Lisianne Madou, MasterMusician From Belgium

Selena Trifunovic, MasterMusician from Serbia

Dima Thaboub, MasterMusician from Jordan

Dominique Vergote - Teacher

Hanne is enthousiast & sees many possibilities and chances.  It's great to be CHALLENGED  
immediately and get tools to use directly when you come home.

Jonas Oomen, Music Expert Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hanne Deneire, innovator who uses music and is my TOP 5 of most INSPIRING speakers I have ever heard! 

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Boomsesteenweg 325
2020 Antwerp
+32 485 03 71 56

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